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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Senior Loved One

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Halloween is drawing near, but does your senior loved one have a costume in mind? Instead of buying an expensive, over-used costume from the store, Chicago elderly care providers recommend that seniors make their own costumes this year. Below are a few crafty DIY options you can make with your loved one.

Cerial Killer

Make your loved one’s neighbors and friends laugh by dressing him or her up as a Cerial killer, which only requires a few materials to create a memorable costume. You’ll need to staple a box of Cheerios, Rice Krispies, or Trix to your loved one’s t-shirt and add fake blood that drips out onto the fabric of the shirt. Have your loved one carry around a bloody knife and wear a creepy grin to go with this one-of-a-kind punny costume.


Seniors who want to be a more recognizable character on Halloween without going through a lot of work can dress as Waldo. Purchase a red striped t-shirt, a red beanie, blue jeans, and a pair of black frames to resemble the character. Dig around in your loved one’s attic or basement to find an old camera that he or she can wear around his or her neck.

Bob Ross

Art enthusiasts who have an appreciation for Bob Ross can commemorate the painter by dressing up as him for Halloween. Buy a basic button-up shirt with jeans and a curly afro to make your loved one stand out in a crowd. Don’t forget the paintbrush and pallet, which can be made out of a piece of cardboard. Have your loved one’s spouse or a close friend dress up as a tree if he or she would like a buddy this October 31.


A pair of sweats and a sweatshirt is enough to dress up as the man in the Operation board game. Draw a wishbone, a broken heart, a Charlie horse, an Adam’s apple, and spare ribs onto your loved one’s clothing. Top it off by putting a big red nose on your loved one to create a memorable look that is easy to recognize.


Make your loved one look like an out-of-towner by dressing him or her up as a tourist, which will require a number of props that you likely already have on hand around the house. Grab a pair of khaki shorts and an “I Love NY” shirt, which can be paired with a camera that is worn around the neck. Don’t forget the map and a fanny pack for extra laughs.

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