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How Aducanumab May Revolutionize Alzheimer’s Treatment

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There is no doubt that Hinsdale Alzheimer’s caregivers hope for a miracle cure for the loved ones they care for. Pharmaceutical manufacturer Biogen announced recently that their Aducanumab drug might help reduce the amount of amyloid plaque that clumps together in the brains of those diagnosed with this debilitating cognitive disease. Before caregivers consult a local doctor about this medication, be aware that it will be many years before it is available commercially.

While the results from this latest drug look promising, Hinsdale dementia caregivers must remember that the testing phase is still early. Although participants who took the drug for 12 months showed no signs of plaque in their brains upon completion of the study, medical experts warn families that they have been down this road before with other Alzheimer’s drugs. Major firms such as Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer have all made announcements similar to the one made by Brogen. Later testing, however, did not show that their early results were correct.

One of the largest problems faced by this new drug is that it can cause the person’s brain to swell leading to even more debilitating problems. The Federal Drug Administration will never approve a medicine until these safety concerns are addressed and solved.

Furthermore, Biogen also has internal problems that may hurt the development of this drug. Their Chief Executive Officer is leaving the company. Their multiple sclerosis research unit has to cut back on research due to lack of funds. Unfortunately, while many in the media heralded Aducanumab as a major breakthrough, investors in the stock market hardly even noticed which might hurt funding even more.

Before families become too discouraged, however, this is great news that someone is still working on Alzheimer’s research. The disease affects 5.4 million Americans, and that number is likely to rise as America continues to age. With further testing and other adjustments, it’s possible that Aducanumab may revolutionize Alzheimer’s treatment in the near future.

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