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Miss Norma’s Final Road Trip

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Just two days after losing her husband, Miss Norma, a 90-year-old Michigan native, was told that she had a mass in her uterus that was likely cancer. After the doctor carefully explained her options, the 101-pound woman looked the young doctor in the eye and told him that she was hitting the road. Below is her story that has captivated and inspired both seniors and their at-home Hinsdale, IL, caregivers.

Accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law, the woman spent the last 14 months of her life traveling on an amazing cross-country road trip. In fact, she traveled more than 13,000 miles before she finally passed away in early October. The trio parked the RV in 75 different locations in 32 different states. Everywhere they went, Miss Norma’s faithful dog Ringo went too.

During that time, she got to do many things that she had only dreamed of before including riding in a hot air balloon and on a horse. The woman was a special guest on numerous television shows and watched her first NBA game in person as a special guest of the Atlanta Hawks. Along with the big things, she also experienced many little things like getting her first pedicure and eating her first slice of key lime pie. She even was made the honorary grand marshal in a parade when the town did not even know she was coming.

The end came peacefully in Harbor Freight, Washington, just two months after the trio arrived. Her memorial service was held there and a tree planted in the city park in her memory.

Over 482,000 people followed the journey on Facebook where her frequent updates often included an inspirational quote, such as this one from Jacob Nordly, “We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is a bouquet of common enchantments waiting for our alchemist’s eyes to notice. “ It was her sincere hope that her journey would encourage seniors to openly discuss end-of-life plans with their families and live-in home caregivers in Hinsdale.

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