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Stroke Care

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Strokes are a leading cause of senior disability and can leave unprepared families incapable of dealing with their loved one’s new physical and emotional needs. Families often call us wanting to do the right thing, but they are unsure of how to move forward. At Home Care Assistance of Cleveland, we provide an alternative to institutionalized care and allow senior stroke survivors to receive the one-on-one attention they need and deserve, all in the comfort of home. Our professional caregivers are loving companions who are dedicated to guiding your family through this difficult time.

Stroke Care Focused on the Balanced Care Method™

Our holistic approach to care, the Balanced Care Method™, focuses on 5 key areas to help ensure that you are able to provide high-quality care to the individuals who have devoted their lives to caring for you:

Healthy Diet – Through our Home Care Assistance University, caregivers are provided with extensive culinary training that ensures prepared meals are nutritious, delicious and address any changes in ability, such as difficulty swallowing.

Physical Activity – By working with your loved one’s physical, occupational and/or speech therapists, our experienced stroke caregivers support continued activity to help regain motor skills and enhance mobility.

Sharp Minds – Caregivers are trained to encourage seniors to participate in games and activities that promote positive mental health. Because strokes have a direct effect on the brain, targeting cognitive functioning promotes a higher quality of life.

Social Ties – We go beyond the basics of care and foster meaningful relationships to combat boredom, loneliness and isolation. Seniors are able to receive care in the comfort of home, while continuing to create connections with their caregiver and families.

Calmness and Purpose – Compassionate care provided by Home Care Assistance promotes independence and self-esteem for seniors who have suffered a decline in abilities. Specialized care is available 24/7 to ensure seniors are always comfortable.

Complimentary Stroke Care Consultation

With a commitment to 100% client satisfaction, our services come without upfront fees, and we will not lock you into a long-term contract. We simply want to provide the exceptional care your parent, grandparent or elderly loved one deserves.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary stroke care consultation and learn about our specialty services.

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